The artist with this figurine shows remarkable detail. It's
simply terrific. The base reads:
"206-F-FF Vendor By S. L.
It also contains the
Gort logo and the artist initials,
"MR." It's 7" tall with no chips, cracks or  repairs.
(item 2860) 
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Gort Pottery, famous for its "Bone China," was founded by two brothers, Eric and Walter Gort. Having been born in Russia, they set up shop in Metuchen, NJ in 1944. Unfortunately, their endeavor was short lived. They closed the company in 1954. However, the quality of their offerings is unsurpassed. Eric Gort was the artist with a background in the Theater. His attention to detail is exemplary. A large number of  birds and animals were created and all are first rate. Most figurines are marked.


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