Gort Pottery, famous for its "Bone China," was founded by two brothers, Eric and Walter Gort. Having been born in Russia, they set up shop in Metuchen, NJ in 1944. Unfortunately, their endeavor was short lived. They closed the company in1954. However, the quality of their offerings is unsurpassed. Eric Gort was the artist with a background in the Theater. His attention to detail is exemplary. A large number of  birds and animals were created and all are first rate. Most figurines are marked. Ming-Poo, from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head,  is about 4" tall. The bench is just under two inches high when measured at the corners. Overall from floor to top of his head, as he sits, he's just under 5." Ming-Poo did not survive his journey from the '40's unscathed. His hat has been professionally and invisibly restored as has the bottom of the bench.  This is a quality piece decorated by one of Gort's outstanding artists: Priolo.  (Item 3518) (To Buy Click On The Red Square . To see other Gort figures CLICK HERE!)


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