By Celebrated Weller Art Director Charles B Upjohn

Chief Little Wound was one of the Oglala chiefs who believed that education was essential for the future of his people. A high school in Pine Ridge, South Dakota is named in memory of him and his son, George Little Wound. Chief Little Wound died in 1899. This remarkable tankard was designed, signed and dated in 1901 by Charles B. Upjohn. Upjohn became the art director for the Weller Pottery Company in 1895 and served in that capacity until 1904. This hand built tankard carries his full signature and the date 01 just under the artwork of Chief Little Wound: (See the bottom right photo) The significance of all the numbers on the base of this remarkable, museum piece is not fully known. Perhaps there is an expert in cyber land that can explain their significance. For an antique over 100 years old some restoration is to be expected. In this instance an invisible restoration has been done to the spout area. However, the artwork of Chief Little Wound is in mint condition with no chips or repairs. A very rare gem. (Item 3808) To see other outstanding Weller CLICK HERE!

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